Our Mission

You guys ever wonder why some students do better than others? Why do some learn faster, get better test scores and seem to always stay top of class?

It’s all about being inspired.

Remember Mark Zuckerberg's coding marathon in 'The Social Network' (btw super awesome soundtrack – it’s now my flow state song)? How it set off a spark in budding coders across the globe? Or the exhilarating roller coaster ride of 'Pied Piper's' startup adventure that made us all daydream about tech innovations? How about the moment Tony Stark powered up his suit, which didn't just ignite our imaginations, but fanned the flames of a whole new generation of robotics and aerospace engineers? Then there’s Harvey Spectre, whose razor-sharp wit and charisma turned a law career into an exciting quest for many. And we surely can't forget the awe-inspiring feats of Usain Bolt, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan that made sports fans' hearts race faster, inspiring legions of future athletes. These are the kind of passion-stirring, smile-inducing moments we live for at Dojo.

Like many others, I have the classic immigrant story … my parents left everything and penned a new chapter in the West so my siblings and I could have a world class education. My dad, being a scientist meant more lab tips than fishing trips. His passion for his craft ignited a fire in me and stoked my love for science and math. I did pretty well in school … and it's a spark that so many immigrant kids share, fuelled by a profound desire to honour their parents' sacrifices.

So heres the secret …

  • Students catch the spark of inspiration.
  • Fuelled by dreams, they push their limits.
  • Their learning outcomes sky-rocket.
  • Now they inspire others to reach even higher.

So when a child's educational development is crafted by inspiration, why is it that so many educational products are so deeply uninspiring?

The most popular EdTech platforms out there are one-size-fits all content behind a (pretty steep) paywall. We are all so unique and different, we learn and think in multi-dimensions … so why is all the content one-dimensional?

That's where we come in.

Dojo is built by students, for students. A suite of connected, personalized apps designed for the modern learner.

Sure we've grown fast to 80k monthly users over 160 countries … but we build even faster.

Super fast … like our team and community's shower thoughts today become live features tomorrow.

At Dojo, we're not just building an education platform; we're crafting a universe where every learner can realize their potential, dream bigger, and reach higher. We're empowering the superheroes, doctors, lawyers, engineers, athletes, and changemakers of tomorrow. At Dojo, we turn inspiration into action, dreams into reality, and learners into leaders.



Founder and CEO