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In today's competitive academic environment, finding high-quality and free resources for IB revision is essential. RevisionVillage is a well-known platform, but many students seek cost-effective alternatives that provide similar or better features.

RevisionDojo offers comprehensive and free resources tailored to meet the needs of IB students like you, ensuring you have access to everything necessary for effective exam preparation without the financial burden.

Why Choose RevisionDojo Over RevisionVillage

Free Questions & Mark Schemes for ALL Subjects

RevisionDojo provides an extensive range of questions and detailed mark schemes for every IB subject, ensuring you can practice thoroughly.

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Generate flashcards instantly to aid in your revision, completely free of charge.

FREE Answer Explanations

Get detailed explanations for all answers to help you understand and learn from your mistakes from Jojo AI, our best-in-class model trained on the latest and most accurate IB data sets.

FREE Jojo AI Grading

Utilize an advanced grading system to get instant feedback on your practice exams and assignments.

Superior UI/UX

Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed to enhance your learning experience and make studying more efficient, and fun.

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